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Johnnie Walker's
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Johnnie Walker's

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Brand:Johnnie Walker's
Country of manufacture:United States

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For most of its history Johnnie Walker only offered a few blends. In recent years there have been several special and limited bottlings The strength of alcohol as also the volume of the bottle is rated uniquely in the USA vis a vis the rest of the world. A Johnnie Walker Red Label blended Scotch whisky sold in the U.S. will normally be in a 750-millilitre bottle at an ABV of 40%, 80 proof. In the USA, the proof value of any alcoholic drink is twice the percentage ABV. Elsewhere, the proof value is %ABV x 7/4. Thus a 40% ABV whisky, 80 proof in the USA, will be only 70 proof across the rest of the world. When Scotch whisky is produced for consumption within the EU, it has to conform to EU laws thereon; the bottle will contain only 700 ml of whisky, the strength of which will be 40% ABV, i.e. 70 proof. Whisky meant for Duty Free shops may exceed 700 ml. These are mostly 1.0-litre bottles at 75 proof, and the corresponding ABV is 42.8%, often rounded off to 43%. The latter criteria generally apply to Traveller Editions of that brand of whisky.


Brand:Johnnie Walker's
Country of manufacture:United States
Strength of Drink: Good % alc. vol.
Information is up-to-date: 07.03.2018

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